Coffee In the Morning (Earth To Bambzi)

Photo by Hasan Albari from Pexels

Good morning!

You woke up before the sun to start the new day.

Stretch, brush your teeth, wash your face,

Maybe for once have a cup of coffee to start the day —

Oh, you’re on your phone. Twitter?! Okay, Just five minutes. But don’t let this be like last time.

You’ll be in this jubilant mood; and it’s crushed as soon as you get on social media and you’re scrolling through threads of terror until you’re too drained to start the day.

Then you sink into the comfort of the covers hugging tight around you. Only because your feelings are hurt over the general opinion of some asshole that has no clue you exist.

And boom! There goes the morning routine. In just five minutes.

Oh, no. Now here you are, in the bed scrolling through one of the most brain rotting, heart wrenching outlets of social media in the world.

I see you’re blocking the accounts with a phone number after their names, spamming your direct messages.

Scrolling as fast as you can to avoid another video recording of a hate crime.

And now you’re trying to think of a catchy tweet to post so you can finally make a break through to be ‘internet famous’.

You have no reason why you just see that everyone else can do it. ‘Tristian0824’ just tweeted, “Bread. That’s the tweet.” And got 2,400 comments, 1.7k Retweets and 18.5k likes.” Versus your ironic Pinterest worthy( atleast, to you.) tweets “Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are a work in progress,” or some shit like that. Hey, wait! You got a notification for —

Oh…one like. Well, It’s something.

Who am I kidding.

This is your coffee in the morning.

It’s bitter, because it was made with envy, longing, unrealized insecurities.

You should be thinking about how you should get off this app right now and maybe… read a book or finish your book you’ve been writing, right?

Nope. Now you’re on Instagram;scrolling past the girl that got an apartment at 18 years old and thriving, pretending you dont see it so you won’t look like the 25 year old hater.

“Oh, I could do better makeup than that.”

I know, Bambzi.

“I wanna go to Dubai!”

I know, Bambzi.

Man, isn’t all this hate towards others and self bashing making you thirsty?

Let’s get out of bed and make some coffee!

“Or go to Facebook!”



You don’t even like Facebook!

And… there she scrolls.

Oh well. We’ll try again tomorrow.



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